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I am set up to true bolts and adjust head space for 22 rifles and pistols. The factory leaves as much as .005"-.010" slop in the head space depth and I have seen a bolt be out of square by .010". I adjust and true the bolt check firing pin protrusion and adjust as needed to get the most out of your rifle or pistol also on Ruger 10/22 or MK pistols I replace the extractor with one that is .005" closer to the bolt face.

Above is a Ruger 10/22 Bolt that has had the worx done on it

The worx includes

  • Head space and true the bolt face
  • Radius Leading edge makes for smoother hammer reset
  • Pin the firing pin to limit up and down movement
  • Chamfer the charging handle slot (easier reassemble)
  • Lap Contact points
  • Machine polish entire Bolt
  • Above picture of bolt has optional Jeweling and Black Oxide finished.
  • Optional bolt Fluting as well

Also on Ruger 10/22 & MK pistols I do complete Trigger work also lots of manufactures currently make after market parts out of titanium (lighter, stronger) Which makes for a faster lock time.

I also offer Jeweling as seen on the Mark III bolt below

jeweling is not limited to Bolts just about anything can be jeweled.


On 10/22 I do complete trigger rework in which case I take your

factory trigger group and preform the worx trigger job which

will take your pull from about 7 pounds factory to a light 2

pound 4 ounce or anywhere in between you want. I ultra sonic

the entire group upon receipt, inspect all parts, I hone your

hammer and sear in custom made fixtures this way they are

right every time I turn your factory bolt top to make it an auto

release, install over travel in the trigger, I reassemble Bench

test, Field test, and teflon lubricate all moving parts. cost of

trigger worx is $67.99 + $8.50 return shipping I offer upgrade

magazine releases contact me for current cost.  I can adjust the older aluminum or the new polymer groups. I try to keep polymer groups in stock contact me for quote.