From Practical to Tactical, We Have You Covered

These services are available for shotguns

  • Deep clean and inspection for wear
  • Trigger adjustments
  • Porting barrels
  • Dent removal from barrels
  • Sight beads, scopes, etc.
  • tune ups on automatics and pumps
  • Practical to Tactical conversions Rem 870, Moss. 500 and other pump guns
  • barrel shortened and crown
  • stock replacement final fitting
  • stock refinishing from hand rubbed oil to high gloss
  • Minor stock repair
  • All repairs for lost or broken parts
  • Install choke tubes into older models with fixed chokes
  • Custom made Choke tubes for card shooting

Choke Tubes can be installed in your favorite fixed barrel shotgun I offer in 12 ga.
  • Win Choke
  • Mossberg Accu choke
  • Browning Invector
  • Remchoke
  • Tru choke
  • Tru Choke 2
In 20 Ga. I offer
  • Win Choke
  • Tru Choke
  • Rem Choke
Cost to ream and tap your barrel is $75 plus return shipping if your barrel is chrome lined add additional $10